Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kreeft vs. McDermott

In "A Shorter Summa", Peter Kreeft puts down Timothy McDermott's "Summa Theologiae: A Concise Translation": "The Summa would lose much of its clarity and digestibility if it were homogenized into continuous, running prose, like watery stew. (A current British translation has done just that.)"

However, in the same introduction, Kreeft does praise W. Norris Clarke as being "the most Aquinas-like mind I know of all men living". Yet Clarke has nothing but praise for McDermott's translation: "The teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas is presented in continuously flowing paragraphs with appropriate chapter headings, much more like the style of modern philosophers since Descartes...The real meat of St. Thomas Aquinas has been captured here with remarkable good judgment, and it is in fact a fresh and stimulating experience to read Aquinas' doctrine on a given point gathered all together."


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