Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bauerschmidt on Davies

In Holy Teaching (Bauerschmidt's Kreeft-like book of heavily annotated selections from the Summa, in his own translation), the author has this to say about Davies’ The Thought of Thomas Aquinas:
This book offers a clear and, on the whole, accurate overview of Thomas’s work, as well as explanations of Thomas’s positions on key questions. The book generally follows the pattern of the Summa theologiae, though it tends to focus on questions more of interest to philosophers than to theologians (e.g., over half of it is devoted to the first part of the Summa). Davies, however, by no means ignores theology. For students, this is probably the most useful one-volume companion to Aquinas’s thought as a whole, not least because Davies provides examples for Thomas’s arguments, something Thomas himself habitually fails to do.

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